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How we plan

The Department of Transport and Main Roads Strategic Plan 2016–2020 represented a significant shift in planning from previous years to show how the department is responding to future challenges. It outlined six strategic priorities for the department to focus its initiatives over the plan period.

Development of our Strategic Plan is always guided by the Queensland Government’s Objectives for the Community. Our plan links and contributes to the achievement of these objectives:

We do this through the delivery of our projects, services and initiatives. Within the business, our Strategic Plan underpins and guides our day to day business through the alignment of our branch business plans. We ensure delivery of these by organising our department to effectively and efficiently deliver the five core objectives outlined in our Strategic Plan. We also closely align service areas with business objectives to maximise service delivery.

The five core objectives are:

  1. Customer-centric services that deliver a quality customer experience.
  2. An integrated transport network that supports economic prosperity and is sustainable into the future.
  3. Safety and regulatory services that improve community safety and efficiency.
  4. A sustainable, cost-effective transport network accessible to everyone.
  5. An integrated passenger transport network that allows fair access to all.

We measure progress on each objective quarterly through reporting to our Executive Leadership Team and in the Annual Report. Our performance against the strategic objectives are reported in the Our performance and the service standards described in the department’s 2016–17 Service Delivery Statements which are reported and presented in Appendices section.

Government’s Objectives for the Community

Government’s Objectives for the Community

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