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Term Definition
App / Application An application (application software) is a set of computer programs designed to permit the user to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks or activities.
Austroads The association of Australasian road transport and traffic agencies. Austroads members are collectively responsible for the management of more than 900,000km of roads valued at more than $200 billion representing the single largest community asset in Australia and New Zealand.
Australian Roads Assessment Program (AUSRAP) A program run by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and state and territory motoring clubs that assesses the level of risk of fatal and serious injury crashes across the road network, publishing star ratings and risk maps. The level of risk is derived from analysis of road and roadside infrastructure features that are known to influence safety risk and analysis of historic crash data.
Australian Roads Research Board (ARRB) Provides research, consulting and information services to the road and transport industry.
Black Spot Programme Black spots are locations where high-severity crashes occur. The Australian Government-funded Black Spot Programme targets known crash sites through cost-effective, high-benefit engineering works to reduce accidents on Australian roads.
Bridge Renewal Programme An Australian Government initiative to contribute to the productivity of bridges serving local communities, and facilitate higher productivity vehicle access.
Building our Regions Program A regional infrastructure funding program focused on building regional infrastructure. Infrastructure initiatives may be funded from the Regional Capital Fund, Royalties for Resource Producing Communities Fund, Remote Communities Infrastructure Fund and Transport and Infrastructure Development Scheme.
Busway A dedicated roadway that separates buses from general traffic.
Camera Detected Offence Program (CDOP) A joint partnership between the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Queensland Police Service, the CDOP comprises revenue collected from mobile speed cameras, fixed speed cameras, red light cameras, combined red light/speed cameras and point-to-point speed camera systems and trailer mounted speed cameras. CDOP revenue is used as a partial source of funding for the Safer Roads Sooner Program and a number of other safety-related state-funded special initiatives.
Cycling infrastructure Facilities such as on-road and off-road cycling networks, and end-of-trip facilities to promote increased use of cycling through safe direct and connected routes and increased transport choices.
Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 The Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 protects individuals from direct and indirect discrimination in areas such as employment, education and access to premises and public transport.
Engagement Measures the amount of interest in a social media post. It's determined by the number of people a post reaches who then like, comment, share or click on the post.
Enhanced (Flashing Light) School Zone program A Queensland Government-funded $10 million program over four years for the installation of approximately 330 school zones, covering 300 schools, to improve safety around school zones for students.
European Train Control System Level 2 European Train Control System Level 2 is a new generation of train protection and control for the rail network in SEQ, providing automated train protection and communications-based signalling.
Full-time equivalent Calculated by the number of hours worked in a period divided by the full-time hours prescribed by the award or industrial instrument for the person's position.
go card TransLink's smartcard (a thin, compact card about the size of a credit card) which stores up to $250 of electronic credit.
Impressions Measures the amount of time a social media page's content is displayed.
In situ A stabilisation technique involving mixing of cementitious additives or foamed bitumen and lime using a stabiliser with the existing pavement material, which is then compacted with dedicated rollers.
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) describe technology applied to transport and infrastructure to transfer information between systems for improved safety, productivity and environmental performance.
Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) The peak body representing local government in Queensland in its dealing with other governments, unions, business and the community.
Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) A branch of the department responsible for: improving maritime safety for shipping and small craft through regulation and education; minimising vessel-sourced waste and responding to marine pollution; providing essential maritime services such as aids to navigation and Vessel Traffic Services; and encouraging and supporting innovation in the Queensland maritime industry.
National Highway Upgrade Programme An Australian Government initiative to provide jurisdictions with funding for priority improvements to Australia's key national highway networks through works such as shoulder and centreline widening, ripple strips and wire rope barriers, overtaking lanes, turning lanes and pavement improvements.
Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) Funds provided to districts to reinstate parts of the road network which have been subject to weather damage under declared emergency conditions. NDRRA is funded by both the Australian and Queensland Governments.
New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) project The NGR project involves the delivery of 75 6-car trains and the construction of a new purpose-built Maintenance Centre to maintain the new trains for the next 30 years. The new trains will replace an aging fleet and increase the current fleet by 30%.
OneTMR A Department of Transport and Main Roads-wide culture and way of operating.
Park 'n' ride A dedicated car park located at bus and train stations for customers to park their car and then catch public transport to their destination.
The Pipeline A document used to inform the supply market of goods and services procurement activities that TMR plans to undertake in the coming 12 months.
Procurement Performance Management Framework The mechanism for measuring the performance of the procurement function and directly links to the strategies set out in the Strategic Procurement Plan, as well as incorporating 24 procurement measures.
Q-Ride Queensland's primary motorbike licensing practical test.
Queensland Government Open Data A Queensland Government searchable portal that allows visitors to view datasets on a range of government activities and responsibilities.
Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP) An annually published program of works the department plans to deliver over the next four-year period.
Rail infrastructure All physical rail-related assets, including tracks, trains (often referred to as rollingstock), stations and associated infrastructure.
Regional Roads and Transport Group (RRTG) The primary decision-making bodies of the Roads and Transport Alliance. RRTGs regionally prioritise investments in their communities' transport infrastructure. Each RRTG comprises representatives from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and local governments.
Roads and Transport Alliance A cooperative governance arrangement between the Department of Transport and Main Roads, the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) and local governments to invest in and regionally manage the Queensland transport network.
Roads Australia A not-for-profit, non-political industry association with membership drawn from the Australian road sector.
Road corridor The road corridor comprises the space alongside, under and over the travelled way.
Road infrastructure All physical road-related assets, including roads and pavements, bus and cycling facilities, tunnels, complex bridges, rest areas, signage, landscaping, animal crossings under and over roads, noise barriers, traffic signals and lighting.
RoadTek A commercial business within the Department of Transport and Main Roads, RoadTek is a major provider of transport infrastructure solutions throughout Queensland.
Roadworks Planning, designing, building, maintaining, replacing, operating or upgrading any part of the road network, state strategic roads, regional roads and district roads (but not local roads).
Rock groyne A rigid hydraulic structure built from an ocean shore (in coastal engineering) or from a bank (in rivers) that interrupts water flow and limits the movement of sediment.
Rollingstock Rail locomotives and wagons.
Royalties for the Regions A Queensland Government initiative to invest in regional community infrastructure projects. This initiative helps regions hosting major resource developments receive genuine long-term royalty benefits through better planning and targeted infrastructure investment. The program will help resource communities better manage the consequences of resource sector development, seize economic opportunities and encourage growth.
Safer Roads Sooner The Queensland Government's targeted program to improve the road safety performance of state-controlled and national road networks. It is funded by revenue from camera-detected offences, and delivers projects to address the road toll and reduce the number of people who sustain serious injuries in road crashes.
Service Delivery Statements (SDS) Budgeted financial and non-financial information for the Budget year. In addition to financial statements, the SDS includes the department's achievements, highlights for the forthcoming year and performance statements.
Smartship Australia A training centre for environment and maritime simulation services, based in Brisbane.
Stakeholder Anyone or any group that either influences or is affected by our business.
State-controlled roads Roads controlled and managed by the Queensland Government. They include the AusLink national road network, state strategic roads, regional roads and district roads (but not local roads).
Strategic plan A high level document used to communicate departmental vision, purpose and objectives to provide a foundation for operational delivery.
STREAMS Intelligent transport systems product which enables holistic road network management and integrates with other ITS devices.
Taxi Subsidy Scheme A subsidised transport option for people with a disability who experience profound difficulties using other modes of public passenger transport.
TransLink TransLink is the brand name for passenger transport services in Queensland, including TransLink buses, trains, ferries and trams.
Transport and Infrastructure Council The Transport and Infrastructure Council comprises ministers from the Commonwealth, State, Territory and New Zealand with transport and infrastructure responsibilities, plus the Australian Local Government Association who consider and recommend key national reform agendas, such as surface transport, transport safety and security, infrastructure policy and investment and related land use planning.
Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials Committee (TISOC) TISOC comprises of Chief Executive Officers and equivalent Senior Officials from each transport and infrastructure jurisdiction (Commonwealth, State, Territory and New Zealand) who consider key national reform agendas, assist in resolving issues, and advise on recommended approaches to Ministers prior to Transport and Infrastructure Council meetings.
Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS) The grants program through which the Department of Transport and Main Roads provides funding to local governments for the development of transport related infrastructure.
Transport System Planning Program Aimed at funding transport planning, modelling and investment proposal activities for all modes of transport across all regions of Queensland. The program plans an integrated transport system that promotes the right investment at the right time and drives better transport outcomes for Queensland.
Twitter Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called 'tweets'.
Whole-of-TMR Personas Describes the diversity of TMR customers' characteristics, wants, needs and expectations in a form that's accessible to all staff.
Wide centreline treatments Painting two white lines one metre apart in the centre of the road to provide greater separation for opposing traffic.
Yammer A private social network used within organisations for internal communication and collaboration.
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