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Objective 1Customer insights


Deliver customer-centric cultural change program

The TMR Customer First Program has introduced customer-centric ways of working across the entire department and promotes a shared understanding of what it means to be 'Customer First' at TMR. The Customer Experience Transformation Program has identified and developed a strategy that continues to build a customer-driven department, a highly engaged leadership team and motivated workforce at TMR. A cross functional network of Customer First Champions allows people, systems and processes to provide 'voice of the customer' information that directly informs and impacts our customers' expectations first time, every time.

Embed customer experience approach in TMR

The department has a specialist Customer Experience (CE) unit to provide customer research and design consultancy support.

Assisting us in accessing the voice of the customer, the unit has supported a number of teams across the department with advice and guidance, developing research briefs and procuring external research, supporting project teams with research and design expertise and collaborating to make TMR a fully customer-centric business.

The team has developed a set of robust Whole-of-TMR Personas (see glossary) that represent archetypal customer characteristics, needs and expectations of Queensland's transport and infrastructure products and services. These personas enable business units and staff across TMR to establish a shared understanding of the diversity of our customers at a broad level.

The personas encompass citizens, organisations, community and government and provide a valuable foundation for considering the full range of customer touch points across the department's functions in a way that reflects the goals that customers are pursuing and transcends any of the particular products or services involved.

Customer Experience Lab

The Customer Experience Lab (The Lab) is a flagship initiative for the department and demonstrates our continuing commitment to our customers. It is a modern, well equipped and digitally supported physical space in the Brisbane CBD dedicated to addressing customer problems and developing solutions for customer needs, expectations, and aspirations.

The Lab has been host to many varied projects and activities throughout the past year including:

Since opening in May 2016, more than 140 groups have used The Lab to explore ways of working that place the customer at the centre of how TMR does business. The Lab has been an invaluable resource and a catalyst for influencing how we think about solving problems and the benefits of involving their customers and end-users. The Lab is available for whole of-government use, the principal criteria for access being that intended activities aim to address customer problems, facilitate collaboration across the sector and that customer research insights are shared.

Customer service accreditation

As part of the Customer Experience Transformation Program, the department sought accreditation against the ICSS which is administered in Australia by the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA). This allowed us to benchmark our quality of customer service and engagement against companies and other government agencies across Australia.

We received accreditation in February 2017 and are now a Certified Customer Service organisation. We will seek recertification in 2018 where we will be required to show that we have actioned any recommendations suggested by the CSIA as they relate to the ICSS. Continued certification against the standard will remain a key focus for us.

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