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Objective 4Marine Infrastructure Fund


Capital projects are funded through the Marine Infrastructure Fund, which is the capital component of the Marine Infrastructure Investment Program.

The state government has committed to a $30 million two year extension of the Marine Infrastructure Fund running from July 2016 to June 2018 to provide new and upgraded recreational boating facilities. Some of the projects underway or completed as part of this program are outlined below.

The department works in partnership with local government and port and water authorities to provide new and improved recreational boating facilities throughout Queensland. Under these longstanding arrangements, TMR builds the in-water components of a facility and councils and port/water authorities provide the land-based components, and then manage the whole facility when completed.

Queensland has some of the best waterways and beaches in the country, and many residents and visitors enjoy boating throughout the state. It is only fitting that the large (and ever-growing) boatie population has safer, upgraded facilities such as boat ramps, floating walkways and pontoons that are capable of handling increased demand well into the future.

Table – Boat ramp upgrades
Location Type Spend
Bellenden Ker Boat ramp upgrade $450,000
Packers Camp Boat ramp upgrade $1.35M
Ocean Creek Boat ramp upgrade $820,000
Carpet Snake Point–St Helens Beach Boat ramp $1.7M
Mackay Harbour Floating walkway $1M
Burnett Heads Boat ramp upgrade $350,000
Burrum Heads Boat ramp and floating walkway $5M
Nojoor Road–Twin Waters Boat ramp and floating walkway $1.35M
Bellara–Bribie Island Boat ramp upgrade $180,000
Colmslie–Brisbane Boat ramp $850,000
Dirranbandi Boat ramp upgrade $238,000

Boat facility upgrades

Burnett Heads boat ramp

Upgrade works have been completed on the $350,000 project to improve safety and accessibility for boaties at low tide. Works included replacing the top section of the boat ramp with precast chevroned planks with non-slip surface to improve safety to this popular facility.

Burrum Heads boat ramp

Upgrade works were completed in October 2016 on the boat ramp. The new $5 million two-lane boat ramp, rock groyne (see glossary), floating walkway and 48 car-trailer parks has been provided to the community with improved pedestrian access and additional parking facilities. The existing stormwater pollution issue was corrected to improve water quality. This project was a great collaboration between the department and Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Opening of the new Burrum Heads boat ramp

Opening of the new Burrum Heads boat ramp

Colmslie boat ramp, Brisbane

We completed works in September 2016 on the $850,000 project to rebuild the ramp to make it longer and wider which would allow better all-tide access for users. As part of the project, the existing floating walkway was also removed and replaced with a new longer one with two fingers to improve berthing opportunities.

Colmslie boat ramp construction

Colmslie boat ramp construction

Nojoor Road, Twin Waters boat ramp

Works were completed on the $1.35 million project building a two-lane boat ramp and floating walkway at Nojoor Road, Twin Waters. This was undertaken in conjunction with Sunshine Coast Regional Council and completed on time in July 2016.

Ocean Creek, Burdekin boat ramp upgrade

We completed works on the boat ramp upgrade in September 2016 a month ahead of schedule. The $820,000 boat ramp was realigned and widened to three lanes with the top of the ramp raised for improved access during high tides. The ramp is used by the community and Volunteer Marine Rescue group.

Packers Camp, North Queensland boat ramp

The $1.35 million project was completed in June 2017. The single lane ramp at Packers Camp had a major upgrade, now featuring a new all-tide four-lane boat ramp with a floating walkway down the centre which will greatly improve safety and accessibility by allowing for faster and improved boat launching and retrieval operations and better access.

Packers Camp boat ramp

Packers Camp boat ramp

Carpet Snake Point–St Helens Beach

Works commenced in early June 2017, on the St Helens Beach boat ramp with completion expected to be finalised by late October, weather permitting. The $1.7 million project, to upgrade to the existing boat ramp and access causeway, with the addition of a rock groyne to protect the ramp from wind and wave action.

One in 19 Queenslanders are recreational boat enthusiasts.

Data source: Recreational ship census June 2016

Recreational Boating Facilities Demand Forecasting Study

In July 2016, consultant work commenced on the Recreational Boating Facilities Demand Forecasting Study, which takes place every five years. For the first time, we sought extensive public consultation as part of the study. The study was completed in December 2016 and has assisted the department planning the 2018–19 boating infrastructure works program. It will be similarly used to assist planning for subsequent years. The study consists of a statewide report plus one for each of the 78 local government areas. The study reports are available on the department's website.


Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour

The department completed dredging works on the $1.5 million project to restore all-tide navigational access to the harbour in December 2016. Works included dredging of the entrance, navigational channels, access to the marina and all areas around the public mooring piles. Approximately 49,000 cubic metres of dredged material was taken to the approved disposal site which is 1.1 kilometres offshore from Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour.

William Street, Cleveland

Maintenance dredging works are underway to improve depths in the access channel to the William Street, Cleveland boat ramps. The Redlands Boat Club and Volunteer Marine Rescue Unit will benefit from the dredging. The $1.9 million project is jointly funded by TMR and Redland City Council. An estimated 43,000 cubic metres of dredge material is being disposed of to the approved Mud Island disposal area in Moreton Bay. The work is planned for completion by August 2017.

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