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Objective 4Road Infrastructure


Wide Centreline Treatment

The department has carried out Wide Centreline Treatment (see glossary) works along the Bruce Highway, with a number of sections completed in 2016-17 including:

The works form part of a $50 million joint federal and state government funded program of works which is improving safety for motorists on various sections of the Bruce Highway between Ingham and Cairns.

As part of this program the Bruce Highway has been widened to an 11 metre seal, including a one metre gap between the north and southbound lanes for the installation of wide centreline treatment. The treatment is designed to reduce head-on collisions by providing greater spacing with any oncoming vehicles. The line marking also creates a buffer zone for motorists to safely move around vehicles stopped on the side of the road, without having to enter the oncoming lane.

This is an excellent initiative and is a cost effective solution to a safety problem.

National Highway Upgrade Programme

The freight, mining and agriculture industries will benefit from the completion of $25 million of upgrades to Queensland's Flinders Highway and will open the door for economic development in north Queensland. The $25 million Flinders Highway pavement widening and strengthening project was jointly funded (80: 20) by the federal and state governments.

A total of 25 kilometres of road has been strengthened and widened, comprising of five sections being upgraded, one between Julia Creek and Cloncurry, two between Richmond and Julia Creek, and two between Hughenden and Richmond. These upgrades will improve safety and travel times from north-west Queensland to the east coast's ports and beyond.

The programme was successfully delivered by TMR partnering with local government authorities, Flinders Shire Council, Richmond Shire Council, and McKinley Shire Council.

Flinders Highway asphalt works through the town centre of Richmond

Flinders Highway asphalt works through the town centre of Richmond

National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)

During 2016–17, we restored 14.8 kilometres of state roads through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) program at a cost of $37.6 million. Works to replace the Burnett River Bridge on Monto-Mount Perry Road, which was washed away by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Marcia in 2015, were completed in May 2017.

We lost the last bridge to ex-Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia—but the new bridge over Burnett River on Monto-Mount Perry Road is higher, wider and way um... concretier

We lost the last bridge to ex-Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia–but the new bridge over Burnett River on Monto-Mount Perry Road is higher, wider and way um... concretier

In March-April 2017, Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie caused significant landslips and road damage across 29 local government areas, particularly in the Mackay/Whitsunday and South Coast Districts. Roads have been reopened or detours provided to ensure community access while road damage assessments are undertaken to progress long-term repairs.

Eligible reconstruction works will be funded under the NDRRA. Under these arrangements, the federal government provides up to 75 per cent of the funding, with 25 per cent from the state government.

Accelerated Works Program

As part of the state government's Accelerated Works Program (AWP), the department brought forward infrastructure projects to generate jobs in northern Queensland.

TMR has accelerated $144.6 million in directly delivered infrastructure projects as part of this AWP. This is approximately 30 per cent of this government's total announced AWP value of $443 million. At June 2017, TMR had expended $93.4 million and completed 15 of the 21 infrastructure projects brought forward.

Royalties for the Regions

During the year, we administered the delivery of 25 projects under the state government's Royalties for the Regions program (see glossary) on behalf of the Department of State Development (DSD).

The Royalties for the Regions program, which committed to new and improved infrastructure over four years from 2012–13 to 2015–16, has now closed. Work continues on infrastructure projects funded under the program, including successful Round 4 projects. The majority of projects awarded under this program were for upgrades to council infrastructure.

The department administers the delivery, and reports progress on road related council projects for DSD.

Pacific Motorway – Coomera

The Pacific Motorway's Coomera Interchange (Exit 54) provides access to both sides of the motorway to significantly growing residential areas, schools, commercial facilities, industrial zones and major attractions such as Dreamworld. This interchange is the main access for 2018 Commonwealth Games venues at Coomera.

A $74.7 million upgrade of the interchange (funded by the state government $47.4 million; federal government $10 million; and Queensland Investment Corporation/Scentre Group $17.3 million) began in August 2015 and was completed in December 2016.

It included the construction of a new bridge to the north of the existing overpass, upgrading roundabouts to signalised intersections, and an eastbound loop ramp providing a northbound M1 connection to Foxwell Road.

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